The Pot Project: How Much Do you Know About Marijuana?

How Much Do You Know?

This year has already been a huge one for marijuana and pot policy, and if you don’t know why, this quiz is already looking pretty tough. Whether you’re an occasional toker, a hardcore marijuana policy expert or just love the fact that the substance has about 3 million different nicknames, take the quiz below and test how much you really know about pot, weed, ganja, grass, chronic, green, reefer, etc.

15 Hospitalized After Smoking Marijuans

15 Hospitalized

More than a dozen people in New York City were hospitalized after using synthetic marijuana over the last few days, officials said.

Marijuana Leaves

Marijuana Delivery Service

Seattle is one of the first cities that have legalized marijuana. I am an advocate for the legalization of marijuana insomuch as it would enable the country to keep drug distribution safer and apply regulations to cultivation and keep deadlier strains of the plant off the streets. However, oversight negligence of distribution laws could put a major damper on the success of legalization. With the rise in recreational pot delivery services, the illicit businesses are steps ahead of the state pot laws.

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