PotEvery family deserves a starting conversation about pot and its use. Talking on the facts, casting aside the fiction, allows for a real understanding of the benefits and draw backs of using THC. Why does it matter? It matters because for those who will be negatively impacted by pot use in their life, it’s important to recognize why what’s happening is happening.

We want to connect the dot to pot – for whom the connection exists. For many families, pot is viewed as a positive. Truth is, for those who have more good from their relationship with pot, this is a simple truth. Yet according to NIAD research, for roughly 18% of those who begin smoking pot as a teen, it will have a seriously negative impact on their life.

Oftentimes, pot use starts to de-stress and slow down the mind. Who doesn’t want to live with less stress? Who doesn’t want to live with more chill and thrill in life?

For 2 in 10, they will get anxious, sometimes delusional and anything but chill. That means 8 in 10 will have a cool coast from pot in their lives – which makes this whole conversation tough.

“Why can’t I smoke like she does?”

Every human deserves a good life! Follow the rules, be kind to puppies, and we get a chance at life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Truth is this though, we are not a one-size-fits-all species. What helps Michael may cripple Monica.

It matters, that what you put IN YOU, has an impact ON YOU.

So if you’re one of those 2 in 10 for whom pot will be a third-rail, a bridge to unhealthy outcomes, IT MATTERS.

Do you or someone you love struggle instead strive from pot? Consider how THC may play a part. It matters. We all matter.

What do you do to move from here to there? From pot to not-pot? “Does it really matter if I quit?” For that 2 in 10 (and 1 in 10 for those who start smoking a lot post-teen years) it matters.

The Pot Project is about education and equalization to the truth on THC and pot. No judgement. No shame. Just the facts.

Just as your fingerprints are unique to you, so should be the support you receive to go pot-not if that’s your desire. Some people’s dependency with pot is stronger and deeper than others.

Some just need a little help from good friends and family to get them through the tough spots of choosing a different path than the one of smoking pot once in awhile. Other’s might need more than that. If pot has become a pinnacle in your life, a place you can’t live without, well, then there’s other options. There are varying levels of outpatient, detox and inpatient treatment that offer programs to meet very specific needs. Behavioral and family-based programs are important as well. Learning how to live differently can be a challenge without first learning how to fill the void that an old habit used to live in. Having friends and family involved in the process makes it easier and allows everyone to heal together.

Almost 1/2 of the people who give it a go stay stopped with the help of treatment.