The cannabis countdown continues. The public excitement for legalization is everywhere. As new information continues to surface, we better be careful what we wish for because we just might get more than what we bargained for.

According to a new study driving while under marijuana influence doubles the risk of a car crash. If marijuana is legalized country wide, we can only assume that more cannabis customers will be high behind the wheel.

The study was led by Wayne Hall, and was published in the Peer-Reviewed Addiction Medical Journal. Wayne and his team found that with marijuana, “around one in 10 regular cannabis users develop dependence.”For teenagers it’s one out of six. In fact, “Regular cannabis use in adolescence approximately doubles the risks of early school-leaving and of cognitive impairment and psychoses in adulthood.

As I’ve said before, marijuana isn’t bad for everyone but the damage it has on young minds can be pretty serious. In fact, using marijuana regularly as an adolescent is common for most drug users; many start off as regular pot smokers.

I’ve taken the stance that legalizing marijuana might not be bad for the country. It may even boost our economy and get weed off the streets where the THC is recklessly amped up. In spite of all the  information that is out there, I stand by the notion that for some, pot is terribly dangerous. It harms your brain on multiple levels and it should not, under any circumstances, be used by kids and teens whose brains and bodies are still developing.

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