OK, But How Risky is it, Really?

On one hand, smoking pot carries the same possible risks as tobacco. It can make you cough, it can increase your chances of developing lung infections and other breathing related illnesses and diseases. Of course if you ingest pot, these risks are avoided.

On the other hand, ingesting or smoking pot changes how you experience the world, it changes how you function in your life, including concentration, focus, coordination, short term and long term memory impairment or loss; and the list goes on. Repeatedly consuming a drug like pot that alters your state will have an effect on your health well after the chemicals have metabolised through your system.

What Does Pot Do to My Brain?

THC, the active chemical in pot, reaches your brain within moments after inhaling. It zings and sings its way through your bloodstream while you start to relax, your eyes begin to dilate and things start to show up more intense than they were a few minutes ago. Depending on how much or how strong the pot is, the effects can be felt for some time before they begin to wear off.

While all this is going on, there are changes being made to your brain that affect how you make decisions. Your coordination might be affected, your short term memory might be shorter, and your ability to learn and problem solve can be compromised.