What Effect Does Pot Have??

From the first drag or bite, pot can have a lasting effect, sometimes up to a few hours.  When you smoke pot, it hits your bloodstream almost immediately, as the THC is absorbed through your lungs and zing straight to your brain. If you ingest pot, say in a brownie, then the effects are slightly delayed as it takes awhile longer for the THC to be absorbed through the stomach and into the bloodstream.

When it hits your system, pot generally increases your heart rate, relaxes and enlarges your airways, and dilates blood vessels in your eyes, making them look bloodshot. THC causes a dopamine release in your brain, which produces an euphoric effect. The environment around you may seem more intense, colors brighter and sounds more distinct, while time can seem to creep by.

After awhile, your mouth might get dry and you can become really hungry and thirsty. After this phase, you can become tired, sad, or depressed. Some even feel a wave of anxiety or possibly even panic.

Do You Have to Smoke It?

Pot is usually smoked as a joint that is rolled like a cigarette or in a pipe. It may be smoked as a blunt which is a rolled in cigar paper and is thicker than a joint. It might also be used in a vaporizer that allows you to ‘smoke’ the pot and only ingest the THC without any actual smoke. A water bong might be used whereby the smoke is inhaled through a container that holds water and a pipe reservoir in which to burn the plant. It can be consumed as a tea or combined in food such as ‘pot brownies’ where it is baked into the brownie mix and then consumed.