Cannabis Countdown

The cannabis countdown continues. The public excitement for legalization is everywhere. As new information continues to surface, we better be careful what we wish for because we just might get more than what we bargained for.

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The Potency of Marijuana

The main ingredient in marijuana responsible for its psychoactive, or mood altering, effects is a cannabinoid called delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, or “THC” for short. In combination with other cannabinoids, the amount of THC in marijuana determines the strength of the effect of the drug. The level of THC in marijuana is not always the same.

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Hot Hot Pot: How High is Too High?

Today’s marijuana is too strong, and that’s bad for new business.

My brother is a weed scientist. Every weekday morning, he drives to work in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle, throws on a lab coat with “Northwest Botanical Analysis” stitched over the pocket, and starts putting tiny samples of ganja through a gas chromatography machine, among other gadgets.

The Pot Project: How Much Do you Know About Marijuana?

How Much Do You Know?

This year has already been a huge one for marijuana and pot policy, and if you don’t know why, this quiz is already looking pretty tough. Whether you’re an occasional toker, a hardcore marijuana policy expert or just love the fact that the substance has about 3 million different nicknames, take the quiz below and test how much you really know about pot, weed, ganja, grass, chronic, green, reefer, etc.